Commercial Real Estate with Prewar Charm & New Modern Details

Take your business to new heights with a workspace that inspires and innovates

Commercial Real Estate company, Broad Street Development, recently completed their first round of prebuilt office spaces for lease in New York City at 370 Lexington.

In each suite’s finishes, you will find industrial and modern styling, with a nod to the building’s original 1929 architecture. Tour through suites sized between 1,000 and 6,500 square feet, and discover all that 370 Lexington has to offer.

The Perfect Work Location in New York City

Located just one block away from Grand Central Station, 370 Lexington is positioned in a prime location with convenient access to the largest transportation hub in Manhattan. This allows both employees and clients to travel to your office with ease. Holding office space in the Grand Central District offers access to endless restaurants, Bryant Park, exclusive shopping and the top businesses in the world. 

A full list of our commercial real estate suites for lease.

Office Suites Available from 1000-6500 sq ft
One Block From Grand Central
Outdoor Amenity Space


From private phone booths, multiple conference rooms, modernized kitchens, and landscaped outdoor spaces- there are endless amenities here at 370 Lex.


Getting back to work while also keeping you safe


Private Phone Booths

Available in our office suites

Fill Your Fridge

The power to fill your fridge how you like

370 Lex is proud to partner with Zuul, an online ordering platform that gives offices the power to mix-and-match menu items across restaurants, and receive their food all in one quick delivery drop.

Designed by world-class architect, William Van Alen

370 Lexington was designed in the era of Art Deco architecture, by Brooklyn native William Van Alen, the architect who also designed the famous Chrysler Building. You can find many art deco features throughout the commercial real estate property from the beautiful lobby ceilings to the brass griffon elevator doors, and the gold-edged terrazzo floors. Our 370 Lexington commercial real estate listings are truly show stoppers.

Featured Suites

Suite 401

Suite 1410

Suite 2101

Broad Street Development Is Back

We have returned as commercial real estate owners of 370 Lexington after a 10-year hiatus. We’ve kicked off 2019 by initiating our unique plan to reinvigorate the interior design with a sleek, industrial aesthetic.


All on 41st Street: One block from Grand Central

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